Classes Offered:

Pre Ballet IIMG_0267

Approximate Age: 3-4

Designed for youngest students, this class stresses coordination, motor skills, musical awareness, spatial awareness, and listening skills. Special music and musical instruments help engage the students’ attention and imagination. Taught once a week for one hour. Parents of Pre Ballet I students must remain in the school lobby during class time.

Pre Ballet II

Approximate Age: 5-6

Pre Ballet II focuses on coordination, motor skills developments, creative expression, musical appreciation, and the relationship between music and dance. Basic ballet steps are incorporated into fun dance exercises that children can enjoy. Taught once a week for one hour.

Pre-Ballet IIISBLongBlueWhiteTutu-68

Approximate Age: 7-9

This class solidly prepares students to advance to the first level of the Vaganova method. Students are taught the basic fundamentals of the ballet technique and develop the self-discipline necessary to continue the study of classical ballet. This class is recommended to be taught twice a week, each class being one hour long.


Approximate Age: 9 & Up

This level is the primary focus of ballet education and technique. This level offers a systematic and consecutive method of training according to the Vaganova method. When a student reaches the Vaganova II level, it is recommended to attend a minimum of two 1.5 hour classes per week.

Intermediatepre-profesional ballet program

Approximate Age: 12 & Up (Placement by Teacher)

Length: 1-2 years

Students develop practical skills and more complex movements and combinations. Muscular self control and basic coordination and expression is emphasized. It is strongly recommended for these students to attend a minimum of four ballet classes, each class being 1.5 hours and a one hour Yoga/Pilates class.


Approximate Age: 14 & Up (Placement by Teacher)

Length: 4 years

This level concentrates on the mastery of more complex movements, combinations, turns and jumps. The advanced level of study further develops and defines artistic and technical expression. The ongoing development of performance skills is taught and stressed. It is strongly recommended for these students to attend a minimum of four ballet classes, each class being 1.5 hours and a one hour Yoga/Pilates class.



Approximate Age: 7 & Up

This type of dance consists of various dances influenced by rhythms and techniques of jazz music. Each dancer will focus on the ability to move, isolate, and control parts of the body which is an essential skill required for making rapid adjustment to the various styles encountered in dance.

Musical Theater

Age: 9 & Up

A fusion of Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and Broadway styles, techniques and movements choreographed to music used in traditional and modern Musicals and Broadway shows. Dancers will work to develop their on-stage presence and learn to incorporate acting into dance to improve expression and movements.


Approximate Age: 4 & UpBlueSequinSkirt-79

Develops style and is excellent for rhythm, timing, and sharpness of footwork.

Classes start with the basics to both traditional and contemporary tap styles to build a solid tap technique in a fun and supportive environment. Exercises, improvisation skills, and simple combinations give a foundation for learning tap repertory in higher levels. Pace is moderate for the appropriate levels.

Character / Folk Dance

Approximate Age: 8 & Up

A representation of a traditional folk or national dances, from European countries. Character dance is integral to classical ballet repertoire. Some of the most popular character dances in ballet are The Mazurka, Czardas, and Tarantella


Approximate Age: 8 & Up

Modern dance focuses on movement which is initiated in the center of the body and flows outward. Expressive movement is emphasized through torso exercises, studies in the dynamics of movement, and improvisation techniques.

Stretch for Dancers

Approximate Age: 11 & Up

This class is designed for dancers to increase strength, flexibility and stamina. The Stretch class is required for Vaganova III, Vaganova IV and Vaganova II students that are en pointe.