Uniform & Personal Appearance

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Hair and dress codes may seem strict but they are based on ballet traditions for the best and safest training. 

All Classes

  • NO jewelry is to be worn during class, including watches. Only post earrings are allowed.
  • Please be considerate of your child and make sure they arrive with enough time to get ready for class, with proper dance clothes, shoes, and hair done appropriately.
  • Students should arrive with their dance uniform on, with street wear over their dance clothing. This is for the student’s safety.
  • Dance shoes must not be worn outside of the school. Dirt and debris can ruin the shoes and dance floor.
  • NO decorations of any kind on the leotards used for class – no criss cross straps, no designs or bedazzling. 
  • NO shorts, sweatpants or leggings allowed to be worn in class.
  • NO jazz boots or jazz tennis shoe allowed. 


Please see the photo for an example of how a bun should be done for class. Please do not use donuts in the hair. We recommend using hair nets, that can be purchased at any drugstore such as CVS, RiteAid, etc. Hairspray or hair gel can be used to keep flyways down.

Buns are required for ALL ballet classes and are recommended for Tap and Jazz classes also. Hair should be pulled neatly off the face. No side parts.



uniforms– Students must wear school colors for ballet (black leotard & pink tights) and have hair pulled back in a bun.

Leotards cannot have decorations of any kind and no criss-cross straps. Leotards worn during regular class cannot have attached ballet skirts. *Please see below for uniform requirements during Parent Watch Week.*

Dance Supplies, Etc is the closest dance-supply store to our studio, located in Severna Park. We have worked closely with the staff to give our uniform requirements.

Pre Ballet I, Pre Ballet II & Pre Ballet III:  

Short sleeved or tank black leotard (NO spaghetti straps), Capezio ballet pink tights (SKU 1915 at Dance Supplies), Capezio “Hanami” Canvas Ballet shoes with elastic.

Vaganova Level I, II, III:

Black camisole-style leotard with a pinch front and low back cut, Capezio ballet pink tights (SKU 1916 at Dance Supplies), Capezio “Hanami” Canvas Ballet shoes with ribbons only (ribbons will need to be purchased separately and sewn onto the shoes)

Pointe Shoes:

Students going on pointe need a shoe consultation with Ms. Dee. She owned a dance store for 15 years and has extensive knowledge about the variety of different pointe shoes available, how to select shoes that are best for the individual foot and fit properly. She provides the pointe shoe consultation at our studio, where she will look at the feet and determine the appropriate size as well as brands that may be best for your dancer. The fee for the initial consult is $20 cash. Those students en pointe will need pink shoes with Bloch Double-Face Soft Elasto-Rib ribbons (#A0532 at Dance Supplies – this is a ribbon with built in elastic to provide additional support and protect the achilles ankle).

Male Students:

Male students in ballet will need black tights and athletic supporter/Dance Belt, white T-shirt, and black or white ballet shoes. (If white shoes are worn, white socks will also need to be part of the uniform.)

We suggest that all students in Vaganova I through Vaganova IV purchase the book; Basic Principles of Classical Ballet, By Agrippina Vaganova

Parent Watch Week & Student Presentation Uniform:

*All female students will be required to purchase a ballet skirt for ballet classes, to be used for open classes and the Student Presentation. See chart below.*

Skirt Brands & Style Numbers

Pre Ballet I, II & III

Pink Skirt: Natalie Child Skirt N9301C or Capezio TC0011C from Discount Dance Supply

Vaganova I & II

Black Skirt: M. Stevens 531G  for Adult Size, Girls Ballet Wrap Skirt Style# TH5109C  for Child Size from Discount Dance Supply

Vaganova III & IV

White Skirted Leotard: Mirella M201L2 from Discount Dance Supply 3/8 satin white ribbon is required around the bun.

Character / Folk

Female Students: Black leotard (no decorations of any kind, no criss cross straps). Black Character skirt (2″ below the bottom of the knee, character skirts are sold in multiple lengths), pink tights, black character shoes with a 1.5″ heel and tan jazz slip on shoes.

Male Students: Black T-shirt, Black Jazz pants, athletic supporter/Dance Belt and Tan Jazz slip on shoes

Hair: Hair must be up in a bun.

Jazz/Musical Theater

Female Students: Black leotard – tank or camisole style preferred (no decorations of any kind, no criss cross straps), Black Jazz Pants with TAN* jazz slip-on shoes. Character shoes for Broadway must have 1.5″ heels.

Male Students: BLACK T-SHIRT and BLACK JAZZ PANTS with TAN* jazz slip-on shoes, athletic supporter/Dance Belt.

ALL STUDENTS:                             

  • NO decorations of any kind, no criss cross straps, or t-shirts.
  • NO shorts, capris, sweatpants or leggings.
  • NO jazz boots or jazz tennis shoe. 

*Performance shoe to be determined. May not be the same shoe used for class. 

Hair: Hair should be pulled back into a bun or tight, slicked back ponytail.


Female Students: Black leotard (no decorations of any kind, no criss cross straps, shorts or t-shirts) with pink tights and black mid-calf leggings.

Male Students: Black T-Shirt and Black Jazz Pants, athletic supporter/Dance Belt.


  • Tap I:  Girls – Tan* buckle or Velcro Bloch brand Tap-On style.   Boys – Black Oxford style tap shoe
  • Tap II:  Girls – Tan* buckle Bloch brand Tap-On style.  Boys – Black Oxford style tap shoe
  • Tap III: Black Oxford split sole style tap shoe for class (performance shoe to be determined)

Hair: Hair must be pulled back from the face in a bun. No ponytails allowed.


Female Students: Black camisole-style leotard with a pinch front, low back cut (no decorations of any kind, no criss cross straps). Capezio convertible/transition ballet pink tights or Danskin convertible/transition theatrical pink tights. Tan Jazz slip on shoes.

Male Students: Black T-shirt and black Jazz pants, athletic supporter/Dance Belt. Tan Jazz slip on shoes

Hair: Hair must be pulled back, preferably in a bun, or tight ponytail.

Stretch for Dancers

The Stretch class is a variety of exercises and movements to provide necessary stretching specifically for dancers. If the student does not have the items below they will not be permitted to take the class.

  • Stretch: Yoga Mat, 2 blocks, Stretch Band, Flexistretcher (if required by teacher) 

Security Kit

Items to include in dance security kit for all Vaganova Level students.

  • Hair pins, hair nets, bobby pins and hair spray/hair gel
  • Band-aids
  • Make-up
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Bio freeze
  • Second skin
  • Single use ice pack
  • Extra pair of tights
  • Safety Pins