Tuition is based on a nine-month schedule (September to May). Payments are due regardless of attendance and holidays, with two weeks built in at the end of the fourth installment, to cover holidays and inclement weather.

Tuition will be due in four installments; due dates are outlined on the studio calendar and in every newsletter. Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex) and money order.

All credit card payments require a convenience fee of $3.00; the fee must be added to the total – it is NOT automatically added.

Cash, Credit and Check payments can be paid during office hours; checks and money orders can be dropped at the payment box located inside the North Beach studio or mailed to: P.O. Box 578, North Beach, MD 20714.

Tuition and all other fees are non-refundable and non-transferable; these include but are not limited to: tuition, master classes, workshops, costume fees, production fees, studio company fees, summer programs/classes, and school sponsored events.

Tuition Due Dates:

September 13, 2021; November 13, 2021; January 13, 2022 & March 13, 2022

We offer open registration throughout the year, and will continue to accept new students until the start of the fourth installment (March). For participation in the Student Presentation and Spring Production, students must be registered no later than January 9th.

Registration Fee:

$25.00 per person/$40.00 per family

Those families with more than one child will receive a family discount of 10% off the second child’s tuition (discount applies to the lower tuition).

Late Fee:

A grace period of 5 consecutive days will be honored. Payments received after that 5 day grace period will result in a $25 administrative fee regardless of reason.

Tuition is due regardless of class attendance or holiday schedule. Invoices will not be sent via USPS or email unless the account is late. Accounts must be current prior to the start of the first class of each tuition due date, in order for a student to participate in class(es).

Returned Check:

There will be a $30 service charge payable to the studio in addition to any related bank fees for every returned check. All future payments must be made by cash or money order.

Withdrawal from Classes / Refund Policy:

Withdrawals must be in writing. Withdrawals will not be accepted over the phone. Payment is required on each payment due date until withdrawal is received in writing. Tuition and all other fees are non-refundable and non-transferable; these include but are not limited to: tuition, master classes, costume fees, production fees, ensemble fees, summer programs, summer classes, and school sponsored events. If a student is dismissed from Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet because of unacceptable behavior, no refunds will be given.

Private Classes

Private classes and semi private classes must be paid in full at time of enrollment. Students who book 10 or more private or semi private classes at a time will receive a 5% discount. All privates must be paid via check or cash only upon arrival for the lesson.

Private classes

30 min class – $ 40.00
60 min. class – $ 70.00
90 min. class – $ 95.00

Semi-private classes

60 min. class – $ 55.00 per student
90 min. class – $ 85.00 per student

Former Students

We invite any and all former students to drop in for a class when available or in town.

1 hour class: $15

1.5 hour class: $20

*Fee to be paid upon arrival for class